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For information and registration, call (802)453-4440 or e-mail us at todo@todoinstitute.org. You may also register on-line.

Living on Purpose
January 11 - February 10, 2020

Many of us desire to live a more purposeful life. We want to use our time well, to put our energy towards that which truly matters, to leave behind a positive legacy. But when we step back and take an honest look at how we're living . . . we're not satisfied. Maybe we're spending too much time doing things that feel urgent, but aren't particularly important. Maybe we find ourselves frequently being pulled off course by our feelings – feelings of fear, anxiety, or depression. Maybe we just procrastinate on doing what we know we need to do or maybe we're just confused about what our purpose should really be. This program will draw on exercises of self-reflection from Naikan, and methods from the psychology of action from Morita therapy. We'll incorporate ideas from Viktor Frankl, Stephen Covey, and William Damon. This is a course about direction – about finding direction, setting direction, and staying on course.

Working with Your Attention

April 12 - May 12, 2020

Life is a matter of attention. Your experience of life is not based on your life, but on what you attend to. In the Working With Your Attention program, you’ll practice exercises based on Constructive Living, Morita Therapy and Naikan which help you develop skill in using your attention. Exercises range from cooking a silent meal to poetry to mindfulness of one’s speech. Often we go through our day without noticing and without noticing that we’re not noticing. Attention exercises help pull our attention back to the present moment. We begin to become aware of how often our attention is captured by daydreaming, planning, worrying and self-focused feelings and thoughts. Only through sincere practice and conscious effort can we begin to build a healthy foundation for becoming mindful of what we are doing and the world around us.

Taking Action: Finishing the Unfinished (and Unstarted)

March 1 - 31, 2020

Do you have something important that remains unfinished?  Here’s a chance to turn your plan into reality.  Using methods from Morita Therapy (The Psychology of Action) you’ll have the support, encouragement, and guidance you need to overcome practical and psychological obstacles and accomplish something that becomes part of your life and legacy. Whether you're still in the idea stage, or stuck somewhere along the way, this program can help you to take action and move forward in the real world.

A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness
September 12 - October 12, 2020

In our newest online program, Gregg teaches the basic skills of Japanese Psychology – Attention, Co-existing with Feelings, Acceptance and Self-reflection. The course uses daily exercises, maxim training and a weekly lecture/presentation to help participants practice and apply Morita Therapy and Naikan to the challenges of daily life. Unlike other courses, this program brings all the material together into one month of practice. The course includes a copy of the new edition of A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness as well as a collection of online readings.

Gratitude, Grace and a Month of Self-Reflection (Naikan)
November 9 - December 9, 2020

Gratitude, Grace and a Month of Self-Reflection is based primarily on Naikan and Naikan-related exercises. This Month of Self-Reflection gives you an opportunity to integrate the practice of self-reflection into your daily life. It gives you a chance to examine yourself and your life, so you are more aware of the support you are receiving from the world around you and also of the impact that you are having on others. Most of us believe that it is important to take time for quiet reflection, but we don’t do it because we’re so busy. The program requires an average time commitment of only 30 minutes per day, yet even such a limited amount of time can have a profound impact on our attitude, relationships and understanding of our life.

“This set-up is phenomenal.  I have never been in such a group with such well-organized and generous offerings through an on-line course”.
--Susan Lebel Young, Falmouth, Maine

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How it Works

Our distance learning programs are unique -- we've never heard of anything else like them.   They provide you with an opportunity to try out new ways of being in the world, change longstanding habits, and develop new perspectives.  These programs have provided stimulating resources, rich discussion and a supportive network to over 5000 people during the past ten years, and for a very modest cost.  If you haven't yet joined us for a program, please do so!  (And if you have, please consider joining us again as an alumnus of that program.)   

The program includes an exercise for each day of the month, related to the theme.  The exercises are the heart of the program. Participants and advisors develop a rich discussion during the course of the month, as they share their experience with the exercises and discuss their response to the readings.  You should be prepared to devote at least 30 minutes per day to the program.  As part of a larger learning community, your training not only benefits you but also supports others who are making a similar effort.

$78 per program for members and $93 for non-members. 
Couples can register for just an additional $20. 

Early Registration Discount:
Register at least 15 days before the start of a distance learning program to receive a $10 discount. 

Multi-registration Discount:
If you register for three distance learning programs simultaneously (first time participant for each program), you will receive an additional discount of $30 ($10 off per program). 

*Alumni of each particular program can register at a 50% discount.  Alumni will have access to the online discussion and all resources posted on the course website. 

Enrollment is limited so please register early

If you would like more information about these programs please contact us at (802) 453-4440 or by e-mail.

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*Alumni pricing applies when you have already taken the program that you are registering for. Course materials packets are not sent to alumnus registrants, unless you make arrangements to purchase them.

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