Rx for Holiday Blues: Coping with the Ups and Downs of the Holiday Season

Ideally, the holiday season should be a time for good cheer. But for many, they are also a time for loneliness, sadness, anxiety, depression, and family conflict. Frequently people feel a profound sense of relief once the holidays are over. It's a bit ironic that we should look forward to the end of this season, when it could be a time for celebration, thanksgiving, and family reunion. Here are seven things you can do to make this a better holiday season for you and those around you:
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Guide to Navigating Through Crisis - Audio Excerpt

An excerpt from the ToDo Institute's Guide to Navigating Through Crisis by Gregg Krech...
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Noonday Devil

by Father Ron Rollheiser In Morita Therapy we consider depression, and all feelings, something which is uncontrollable by our will. In this article, Fr. Rolheiser describes the kind of depression which has no apparent connection to one's circumstances - acedia....
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Dancing with the Dragon (of Depression)

After 22 years, I completed my Bachelors degree in Psychology. I did what needed to be done despite my feelings. I help others, victims of crime and violence, to practice their lives. I help them to be productive and grateful, to direct their attention to the moment -- not to what came before, but to the here and now. I help them to dance with their dragons, as I have learned to do. For our dragons will always be part of us. It is a matter of accepting them, embracing them as our greatest teachers. They remind us that our feelings are always changing, shifting, like the Japanese sky. And it's not what's at the end of the road, but the journey which deserves our attention and for which we can be grateful. Thank you, Dragon.
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Just Don't Buy It: "Retail therapy" is not a cure for the modern blues

For a generation, retail therapy has offered the ultimate salvation from the stresses of modern living. But a major new study now suggests that for millions of people, binge shopping is no longer an emotional cure-all. If anything, it may make you feel worse.
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Life after Death: Tools for Coping with Grief

I have learned to take in more of reality than the fact that I have lost two parents in a short span of time, and that I did not do for them all that I wish I had done, and that I miss them like crazy. The "tools" provided by Japanese Psychology (Morita and Naikan therapies) have never served me better than when my parents died. Here are some of the ways in which one can put these tools to work in the midst of life's losses.
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Dealing with the Downs and Outs of Depression

These are seven strategies that can help you respond more effectively to depression. They're not easy and developing skill will take some time and effort. But you'll find that most of these strategies will benefit you in other areas of your life: a healthier body, more intimate relationships, and a closer connection between your spiritual beliefs and your daily life.
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