Simplify Your Life

The State of Play

By Linda Anderson Krech We just returned from a family camping trip. On the way home we were thinking about the highlights of the experience. There was the hike that provided enough challenge for all of us (even our bouncy...
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Spring Cleaning Haiku

Spring cleaning dust of winter memories erased from the house. - Susan Sanchez-Barnett...
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Simplicity: Navigating the Maze to a Simpler Life

And what does one do with the free time that results from stepping out of the hamster wheel? Again, according to Mark Burch the possibilities are limitless, "Like freeing time to spend with a lover, lovers of simplicity free their lives of everything that might draw down their energy or obstruct the way toward their highest goals. For Jesus, that goal was proclaiming his Father's kingdom; for Socrates, it was the pursuit of the Truth; for Thoreau, self-reliance and spiritual communion with his beloved New England; for Buddha, it was self-liberation. Though most of us keep less exalted company, we still know the pleasure of time with our children, our spouses, our craft or our art form, the calling of our work, or contributions we wish to make to our communities..."
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Simple Foods

When we eat whole foods as thy are presented by nature, a plum from a tree, a tomato from a vine, we are connected in a direct, healthy and important way to our would. But the more that food is tampered with, the less it offers us nutritionally or spiritually. The traditional American diet comes, to a large extent, packaged. We eat from boxes, cans, jars, and bottles, and we eat food that's been engineered to get us hooked. We eat the flesh of other animals who have eaten the grain, rather than eating the grain itself. And we bake, broil, fry, boil, and we salt, spice and sweeten away. We are bored with the original, natural version, having acquired a taste for fat, sugar and salt, the "new and improved" version of food. The range of food possibilities available to most American is awesome an ever-growing. It is easy to become obsessed or fanatical about food. We are, in fact, the most overweight population in history. If the issue of food becomes our primary concern and dominated our lives, it can overshadow any larger purpose-–we then just eat to live and live to eat. But eating simple food can help us to strike a better balance. It can help us to plant our two feet more firmly on the earth we all share.
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Just Don't Buy It: "Retail therapy" is not a cure for the modern blues

For a generation, retail therapy has offered the ultimate salvation from the stresses of modern living. But a major new study now suggests that for millions of people, binge shopping is no longer an emotional cure-all. If anything, it may make you feel worse.
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The Perpetual Garage Sale Giveaway

All in all, [the Perpetual Garage Sale] was a wonderful experience. I got rid of 25 boxes of clutter and enjoyed every minute of it. I got to know my coworkers in new ways, and my house feels more settled and spacious.
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Affluenza: The American Bug

Our entire economy is driven by our intense psychological need to fill our spiritual and emotional vacuum with more and more stuff and our illusion that the accumulation of wealth and material possessions can provide meaning to life.... The less meaning we have in our life the easier it is to be seduced by the materialistic work hard, play hard, be happy syndrome -- a syndrome that is based on a lie.
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