August 2, 2008

To Merely Want To Do Something is Not Enough

by Shinichi Suzuki


Shinichi Suzuki is the founder of the Suzuki Method of Music Education. This method is now popular throughout the world as an approach to the musical training of children studying violin, piano, cello, flute and other instruments. Suzuki (not to be confused with the Zen teachers D.T. Suzuki and Shunryu Suzuki) had clear philosophy that emphasized disciplined practice and the importance of listening. Children who studied using Suzuki's approach were doing more than learning to play music -- they were developing character. In this essay, the cover story for the Summer 2007 issue of Thirty Thousand Days, Suzuki talks about the importance of taking action. Here is an except for the essay:

Afterward my sister said to me, “You taught me an excellent lesson.” Indeed, it was our first exercise in “If you want to do something, do it.”
Plenty of people often think, “I’d like to do this, or that.” We all have the ability to think that. But it usually ends there, and people who put their thoughts into practice are very few indeed. I realized I was one of those people who just think of doing things, and made a resolution:

“There is no merit in just thinking about doing something. The result is exactly the same as not thinking about it. It is only doing the thing that counts. I shall acquire the habit of doing what I have in mind to do.”

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