December 27, 2007

Your Wish for the New Year

As for the New Year being happy,
Let it be swathed in mystery!
That's my wish for the New year.

- Issa


What do you wish for this new year? More money? Less weight? To get pregnant or have your novel published?

Issa wishes for life to unfold as a mystery, and so he will get his wish, for there is no other possibility. We don't know what will happen this coming year. We don't know what will happen this next moment. We try to assert control over our destiny, but our future lies outside our control. We may get some satisfaction, some comfort, from accomplishing our goals, but the real challenge is to be comfortable with mystery.

The mystery is that you don't know what's going to happen and the comfort is "that's OK." What a relief it is to give up control of the universe. Life unfolds, moment by moment, and we watch it mindfully, attentively, because it's fascinating.

We're part of this mystery - each of us. Our own unpredictability is
what makes the mystery so mysterious. So Issa wishes for life to be the way it is. And he wishes for us to simply be ourselves.
This is truly a wondrous and extraordinary wish for the New Year.

Thank you, Issa.

Posted on December 27, 2007 6:29 PM
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