April 23, 2003

Simply Seeing

by Sarah Quigley

On a steamy Fourth of July
on the shady porch
of a little café
in Coldspring, Texas.
I was drinking sweet iced tea
with a sprig of fresh mint
when a fly dropped in
to take a bath
in the puddle by my glass.
Shoo the little pest away
my mind insisted.
But I resisted.
I let it stay and play,
and for the very first time
saw an elegant creature
fold front legs together
as if in prayer,
twist and raise back legs
like a master yogi,
sip from a tiny straw-like

Too tired to make
the customary gesture.
I sat and watched
and simply saw
what was right
in front of me.

Is paying attention that easy?
You mean, that's all I have to do?

Sarah Quigley is a poet and author of The Little Book of Courage. She was one of the workshop leaders and keynote speakers at our September conference called Thirty Thousand Days: How Shall We Live (Sept 27-29, 2002 in Burlington, Vermont).

Posted on April 23, 2003 4:03 PM
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