October 20, 2010

What You Think Isn't What It Is

by Gregg Krech

Bayes, an eighteenth-century mathematician, said that “what we believe to be the state of the world is the product of two things: your prior assumptions and your sensory information. If your sensory information is very specific, you’ll go with that. But if it’s poor, or confusing, you’ll go with your prior assumption.” Too often, we’re so wrapped up in our thoughts and ideas about the world, we pay little attention to what our senses are telling us. In this audio podcast, Gregg Krech concludes that “what you think, isn’t what it is” is advice worth considering.
(audio 6min)

A presentation on the difference between reality and our thoughts about reality. (6min)

Posted on October 20, 2010 12:22 PM
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