Residential Certification Program

Sept. 20 - 29, 2019

ToDo Institute
Monkton, Vermont

The ToDo Institute Residential Certification Program is a comprehensive educational opportunity, providing training and practice in two methods of Japanese Psychology, Morita Therapy and Naikan.
The program is unique in its design, structure and content.  Participants (usually between six and eight per program) live in community with one another during the nine days of the program, putting the principles of Morita Therapy and Naikan into practice and discovering what that means for them as individuals and for their relationships with one another.

For those interested in Certification in Japanese Psychology, please note that the residential certification program provides 96 of the 162 credits needed to complete the process.

I would travel more than the 6000 miles I did this time to come back for a second time. The residential program is a superb mixture of personal experience and serious study in Japanese approaches to counseling, combined in an extremely warm and enjoyable setting. - Reinhard Friedrich Spiess, Germany

The curriculum incorporates the following themes:

The curriculum of this program is broad, powerful, and relevant to both our everyday lives and our grandest dreams.  The core material, presented each morning, stimulates a rich and thought-provoking discussion amongst participants.  Afternoons include a personalized daily individual session, as well as experiential opportunities to try on the material, through a wide variety of assignments, exercises and practices.  There will be time for daily meditation, self-reflection and physical exercise as well. 

This program draws a rich and eclectic group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  A strong sense of camaraderie tends to develop within the community as participants share this experience together – examining their lives, questioning their assumptions, and working side by side with each other in the activities of daily life. 

The work is profound.  The community is supportive.  The days are rich.  And the environment is filled with nature’s beauty.  Please consider joining us!

What to Expect...

Credit toward Certification in Japanese Psychology

In order to successfully complete the Residential Certification program and gain credit toward certification, you will need to successfully complete the nine day program as well as an independent project. This project will provide you with the opportunity to make the material your own by sharing with others some aspect of what you learned during the training.

The program is conducted by Gregg Krech, Director of the ToDo Institute.  Gregg is a leading authority on Japanese psychology and author of the award-winning book, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace & the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection (Stone Bridge Press, 2002). Gregg has developed and delivered programs for diverse audiences around the globe for over 20 years, including cancer patients, adults with mental illness, at-risk children, zen centers, hospice volunteers, and employers.  Under his guidance, the ToDo Institute has developed a comprehensive certification program in Japanese Psychology. Gregg is also the editor of Thirty Thousand Days, a publication of the ToDo Institute that explores the relationship between psychology, spirituality and purposeful living.

Photographs from a previous residential certification program


The cost of tuition, room & board for Supporting Members of ToDo is $1150 (For non-members, the cost is $1225). Offsite lodging includes additional cost. Early discount available if fully paid 90 days in advance. $250 deposit (and application) needed to secure a space.

What our Participants Are Saying:

The ToDo Institute continues to be a hidden gem for me. Having done the Naikan retreat and now the Residential Certification Program, I continue to grow in my personal,spiritual and professional lives. As an allopathic physician who is seeking to provide integrative care, I would recommend this course and the wonderful experiences that can be gained from attendance, to all physicians who are looking at a more patient/person centered care. -- Robert Strayhan, MD Texarkana, TX

My time at the ToDo Institute was deeply enriching. I was given concrete teachings, examples, and instructions for developing skills to more fully engage with my life, and I was offered exercises to actually apply what I learned in my everyday living. Gregg and Linda are gifted and sincere teachers who draw on many years of study and practice in their presentations and personal interviews.
-- Shoryu Bradley

Thank you for making an intense certification training program such a joyful learning experience. The week after the training, I led a short introduction to Naikan and because of your training, I was able to share on the spot a practice that helped a woman proceed with restoring relations in her family. Thank you for making a certification program that guides us on how to share Naikan and Morita techniques in ways that others can use to benefit their lives. --Carol O’Dowd, MPA, M.Div., MI, Prajna Partnerships, Inc.

“Thanks for an amazing ten days. I found it to be way beyond the therapy, meditation retreats, and various New Age techniques I’ve tried. You gave us the experience of a new way of being in the world, focusing attention, and setting priorities.”-- Duncan Atchison, CA

“The ten days at the ToDo Institute were the most intense of my entire life. I am truly grateful...By this experience, my life has forever changed.”-- Gloria Baird, TN

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